What's coming up in town.

The Lusk Municipal Golf Course and Niobrara County Country Club and Pro Shop is located just down the street from Prairie View Campground.  This is a 9 hole course that is open to the public year round. The winter play times are dependent on the weather so check with the Town of Lusk city office about closures.

 Check our the course Facebook page here or here and the Town of Lusk's website for prices or tournament schedules.

The Stagecoach Museum in Lusk, Wyoming. This museum is a seasonal museum staffed by volunteers and has a small cover charge per person.  The museum tells the story of the Cheyenne - Deadwood stagecoach route and the rich history of Niobrara County.

For hours and more information go to the library website here or the tourism info website here.

Mother Featherlegs Monument. A memorial to a living legend. She was a Madame that plied her wares along the Cheyenne - Deadwood Stage Coach route. 

Read her story here and here. This is about 10 miles down Silver Springs Road. The road is gravel and right across the highway from Prairie View Campground.

The Wyoming Quilt Trail. The heart of the quilt trail is in Lusk and Niobrara County. Travel around and see painted quilt blocks as part of a community project of unification and beautification.

Visit the Wyoming Quilt Trail website here or just go to a map here to follow the quilt trail through the county.

Redwood water tower in Lusk. This was used to supply water to the steam engines that went by on the train tracks. This tower is part of the National Historic Register. Read more about the water tower here and here

The redwood water tower is approximately 1/2 mile east on Hwy 20 from Rough n Refined Coffee Shop (120 E 3rd St) alongside the train tracks.

Paleo Park is a place to explore the countryside in a hunt for fossils. Niobrara County is a piece of the country with a very rich geological history. Look across the sage brush and imagine it used to be an ocean or visualize a triceratops grazing along the hillside.

The Paleo Park has tours by reservation only so go to their website here for prices and contact information. Look at what is happening currently on their Facebook page. This is about a 2 hour drive north from Prairie View Campground one way, so be prepared for this to take most of your day.

Legend of Rawhide is an annual reenactment of the story of how the Rawhide Buttes got their name. This happens the beginning of July each year.  The weekend of Rawhide has a car show, parade, wagon team driving contests, and a dance. The event changes and evolves each year while retelling a piece of history.

Go the The Legend's website for dates and ticket prices. See pictures of past years on their Facebook page.

Seasonal, outdoor public pool in Lusk. Go to the Town of Lusk website here for prices and times. Check out the Tiger Plunge Facebook here for any weather closures or new updates.

Hat Creek Stage Station. Hat Creek was built around 1880 and rebuilt in 1909. This was part of the Cheyenne - Deadwood Stage route a post office. 

This is a neat, preserved piece of wild west history, but all tours will be unaccompanied. Please respect this site and help keep it in good repair for everyone. This is approximately 30 minutes from the Prairie View Campground and part is on a gravel road.  Address is approximately 867-873 Stage Rd, Lusk, WY 82225.

Andrew Carnegie contributed to our country by building libraries across the country in small communities. Wyoming had approximately 16 Carnegie libraries of which 5 still function as libraries. Niobrara County library is one of them.

This is right on main street in Lusk, Wyoming. Read more about the history of the library here and Carnegie libraries in Wyoming here.

A painting of Fort Laramie by Alfred Jacob Miller in the late 1800s. Fort Laramie was founded around 1834 as a fur trading post and evolved into a large military establishment on the frontier up until 1890.

Look at the Fort Laramie website for hours and events. This historical fort is about 1 hour south of Prairie View Campground.

Fort Robinson is teeming with activities such as fishing, boating, riding, museums, and plays. The Post Playhouse is only open in the summer and puts on plays and musicals.

Fort Robinson and the Post Playhouse are just over the border in Nebraska, approximately 1 hour from Prairie View Campground. Drive over there and take in a day of riding, see a play, and be back to Lusk for the evening to head north to The Black Hills the next day.

See the Fort Robinson website for hours and activities and the Post Playhouse website for the schedule of plays and to buy tickets in advance.